Morning coffee. Write. Think. What leadership challenges will I face?  What stories will result?

About Me

For 2019 I decided... share what I've learned, and will continue to learn every day, about leadership.  Having been in an executive leadership position for over 20 years, lessons learned can feed a blog for 2019 and years to come.  Wishing for more time at the keyboard, indulging my love for writing, this blog emerged as the answer. 

I write about leadership on  You can search by leadership donna goodaker and the leadership articles will come up.  If you search only by my name, everything I've written will come up.  Random 100 word posts from a couple of years ago, a series on making my peace with getting older, and comments on other writers' may not want everything!  There's an abundance of good writing about leadership on Medium, so you may want to browse around in it.

This blog has a bit of a different purpose.  I wanted a place to publish leadership challenges at the beginning of every week and a place to tell informal stories of the day.  I also want to share those on Linked In.  I love Medium for longer articles and broader audience, but nothing should be republished or shared for at least 30 days.  I wanted the blog for more real time  posting.

I'm also trying to write my way to clarity for how to fill the gap between now and official retirement.  Maybe a blog, a book, and some consulting?  I will decide sometime this year.  I invite you to follow my journey.

The photo

Morning coffee, afternoon tea and beer with dinner are my drinks of choice.  Beer didn't seem to be the best idea for a leadership blog photo, so I went with coffee.  As an early riser but not a perky early riser, making coffee as I'm feeding Mr. Elliot and Zeke (the cat brothers) is my first order of business every day.  I sit with it, wake up my brain, and think about the day.  What will it bring?  What stories will there be at its end?